Lex Autolease

Lex Autolease

Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading leasing company, with over 380,000 vehicles in our fleet. We work closely with businesses and fleet managers to understand their fleet requirements now and in the future, and our relationships with leading manufacturers allows us to provide a wide choice of vehicles to meet those needs.

Change is ever-present, which is why we also work closely with industry bodies to ensure we remain at the cutting edge. From taxation to regulation, emissions to new technologies, our specialists can guide and support your fleet decisions.

With emissions high on the regulatory agenda, our support includes helping businesses navigate the successful introduction of electric vehicles into their fleet. The key is balancing the green agenda with operational need. By understanding how your fleet operates, paying particular attention to journey patterns and drive cycles, we can help produce a clear picture of ROI.

Just as every fleet is different, every solution our experienced advisors offer is unique to each business’ needs. What remains constant is our commitment to improving business fleet performance, management and efficiency.

For more information about any of our fleet services, including the introduction of electric vehicles, visit www.lexautolease.co.uk